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We help brokerages run smoothly with the latest technology and software

Our Mission at Happy Broker
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Our mission is to support brokers with affordable solutions that enhance office management, performance, and productivity. Here's to all the Happy Brokers our there!

Don't Worry...Get Happy!™

Admin Overview

Log in to your portal by going to


Configure your account:

  1. Users - 01:05

  2. Checklists - 2:16

  3. Transaction fields

  4. Commission plans

  5. Notifications

  6. Create transactions - 09:30

  7. Add checklists - 13:40

  8. Upload documents - 14:38

  9. Split or merge documents - 15:50

  10. Submit documents for review - 18:40

  11. Approve documents - 19:30

Watch the video below on how to configure your back-office account. 


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